Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Further Details about my Interests.

The format of the Profiles area does not allow for the description of my Interests I originally intended, so I abbreviate my "Interests" in the profile and expound upon them here.

  • I Played squash for ten years and have exercise regularly for all of my life. Presently going to the gym three to four days a week for cardio and weight-training.

  • Have traveled around the world for the past thirty years and have personally visited over fifty countries in different continents.
    In April 2011 I was in Pakistan and Turkey. Visited Istanbul for four days to see its various historical buildings and cathedrals, Topkapi Palace, Golden Mosque and the Hagia Sophia Basilica Museum.
  • I read many scholars’ articles on different topics through my access to York University’s library.

  • I am very well organized as I do my extensive homework before presenting my presentations, materials and ideas to my audiences.

  • I have been very active in the political process in Canada, in all levels of government, and have sit as an executive member in our area’s riding association.

  • For further information please see  my website witch includes a  Biography page.